It pays to start looking into your child’s future early, so start saving now with Manulife Educate – an endowment plan that helps you save consistently for 10 years and allows you to get back at least 100% of your total premiums1 paid over the policy term. The plan also offers you the option of receiving yearly Guaranteed Cash Benefits before and when your child reaches the chosen Payout Age of 18 or 20 – or to continue accumulating3 interest for their future. Give your child a brighter future by taking the first step today.

Key features:

Receive Payouts

Enjoy 2 yearly Guaranteed Cash Benefits before the chosen Payout Age, and 4 yearly Guaranteed Cash Benefits from the chosen Payout Age onwards



Choose between the Payout Age of 18 or 20 that best suits your child’s educational milestones



Your child is covered against death and terminal illness


Easy Application with No Health Check-up

Guaranteed acceptance with no health questions asked, applicable for base plan only


Optional Add-Ons

Get additional protection with Payor Premium Waiver Rider (I) and Cancer Care Premium Waiver Rider (I)

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