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Rev up the growth of your funds with Manulife Goal 3, as you zoom towards your life targets. The four-year single premium endowment plan will give your funds a quick boost within a short period of time, with guaranteed yearly income that has the flexibility to be withdrawn or parked with us to accumulate higher returns. Giving you the funds you need to accelerate your plans.

Total potential return of 8.83%1 over 4 years. Based on an illustrated investment rate of return of 1.90% p.a., the total potential return will be 6.57%.

Key features:

Receive Payouts

2.16% of your single premium will be payable to you as guaranteed yearly income at the end of of year 1 to 3 (adding up to a total of 6.48% over 3 years)

Payment Options

Start from as low as S$10,000 via cash or your Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)



Withdraw guaranteed yearly income payouts annually or accumulate2 them at a non-guaranteed interest rate



Be covered against death at 101% of your single premium


Capital Guaranteed

Get 100% of your capital back, upon policy maturity


Easy Application with No Health Check-ups

Guaranteed acceptance with no health questions asked


Bonuses Possible

Receive potential upside with maturity bonus of 2.16%3 of your single premium

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