Preparing for your child's arrival is an exciting time. ReadyMummy is a 3-year maternity plan1 that provides protection for the expecting mother from as early as 13 weeks into the pregnancy and the child from birth, to policy year 3. This plan is also the first of its kind to cover psychotherapy treatment to provide mental wellness support for the mother. As you welcome your new child, you know you can focus on the joy of your pregnancy journey with ReadyMummy.

Key features:

Pregnancy Complications

Covers the mother against 14 pregnancy complications2 at 100% of the sum insured, including miscarriage due to accident


Congenital Illnesses

Covers the child against 24 congenital illnesses2 at 100% of the sum insured.


Daily Hospital Care Benefit2

Offers the mother and child daily cash benefit at 1% of the sum insured for each day of hospital stay (up to 30 days).


Gift of Protection for the Child

Option to buy any eligible plan(s)3 offered by Manulife within 90 days from the birth of the child with no health questions asked.


Mental Wellness

Covers the mother for psychotherapy treatment4 at 10% of the sum insured.



Covers the mother and child against death at 100% of sum insured.


Outpatient Phototherapy Treatment5 Benefit

Offers 1% of sum insured for each day of rental of a phototherapy machine for the child (up to 10 days).


Pregnancy by Assisted Conception Procedures

Covers Pregnancy by In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) and Intracervical Insemination (ICI) with additional premium.

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